Go head-to-head

An educational game to coincide with the World Cup.

Working with academics we explored the idea of examining a player's traits and experience to scientifically determine whether or not player selection will influence the probability of winning a penalty shoot out. The game is also social, allowing users to challenge a friend through social media channels.

The educational content of the game is reinforced via feedback provided at the end of the shootout, which encourages users to replay using the scientific justifications given for positive or poor performances.

View the case study.

  • The Open University

  • Multi-player challenge mode

  • Encouraging social interaction

A player selection screen showing a selection of players represented on top trump style cards.

Five players are chosen based on these top trump style cards which document their experience, confidence, status and more. 

A choose your tactics screen with two options presented for one of the footballers

Tactics can be chosen for each player which will influence how they might perform in the penalty shootout.

Two results screens showing the results of a goal attempt and the overall game

Detailed feedback reveals how your choices affected the probability of scoring a goal.