Manage change

An interactive team game to help staff embrace change within a global corporation.

To support a radical shift in processes within a global corporation, this game was designed to be played as part of a face-to-face training workshop. This one hour game is designed to be played in up to 6 small teams who go head-to-head.

Each team enters a car into a race, where different processes start to impact their lap times. In trying to get to the finish line first, the learner reveals important insights into the issues in the current business processes. A secondary lap demonstrates how new changes will help them.

  • Triniti 

  • 6 player modes

  • Part of a f2f workshop session

A decision point from the game showing the race track and tyre information.

Sample decision point in the game.

A recap screen with a view of the whole race track.

At the end of the race the learner can recap on the obstacles they faced.