Benchmark decisions

Manipulate different variables to see if you can respond to food shortages.

This educational game was designed to support a BBC TV series called Wartime Farm and explores the tough decisions the government had to make during World War II to cope with a changing economy.

The learner manipulates different variables and responds to various crisis points over a three year cycle to find out whether or not they can 'beat the ministry'. Along the way they are offered various interesting insights into the war effort via a rich interactive experience.

  • The Open University / BBC

  • Custom CMS 

  • > 15,000 learners so far

  • ipad friendly

Image of farm management screen showing sliders to determine farming strategy.

At the beginning of each year the learner can set their farming strategy using a range of variables.

Crisis management decision point question.

Crisis points challenge the learner to make tactical decisions along the way.

Final scoreboard and detailed results

A final  scoreboard details the wartime output and shows a comparison between the learner score, the ministry and the public.